Ginger Flower Essence // La Abeja Herbs

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Ginger flower essence returns the vital spark of pleasure our bodies and renews our experience of the sensual. This essence melts away the layers of judgement and resistance which keep us from fully experiencing joy and pleasure through the instrument of the body. Whether making love, luxuriating in a hot bath, petting a beloved companion animal, or slipping into your favorite sweater – Ginger reveals to to us the deep pleasure and presence that are possible in all moments. Used regularly as part of a larger protocol to address trauma, her medicine helps to reestablish a sense of safety and comfort for those who feel alienated from their own bodies. Ginger renews childlike curiosity about what things feel like and how things work – in both ourselves and others. A most helpful essence for stuck, stagnant, or frustrated eros. Combines well with Ocotillo or Pink Primrose for cultivating profound self acceptance and nourishing boundaries.

Glass dropped with Ginger Flower Essence.